2.0 version : As a Successful Content Writer and Digital Marketer


2025, With the challenging journey, started 5 years back, Miss Prans, a freelancer and a well-known Content Creator has stepped her footprints into the whole digital marketing field...

Started with some online courses and then becoming a top intern at the DigitalDeepak's Internship Program, she got her first placement opportunity.

Getting Placed and working with that first company, as a full-time employee and learning everything is still a pleasant experience for her to talk about.

She was so happy and confident that she had experienced marketing as her IKIGAI.

However, success isn't about just the fruits of pleasure; it demands struggle too...

As her working model is similar to what we had during lockdown i.e. Work From Home model, she had to go through a lot of stress and frustration while finding her second job.

While searching around for weeks and following step by step guide: Get Your Dream (ebook) of Deepak Kanakaraju, she was able to understand the complete strategy to find work online.

She gained an enormous amount of experience working as a social media marketer from several companies and also as a freelance writer for certain companies.

With having such experience as a backup, she commenced her startup just a month ago. 

        It is her digital marketing agency, where they provide more and more organic leads and once a customer reaches his first goal, they start proceeding with websites, paid ads and blogging for advanced marketing. 

Within a month she had a list of around 40 clients and most of them are out of her branding. It’s one of its kind where her company ______#lockdownhomefound  assigns single trained experts to each of their clients who handles complete digital marketing of a particular client until they hit their client's overall target, using the company’s command, policies, and management rules.

Being a pioneer in the market, all other digital marketers are keeping their keen sight over this company whereas this company has already trained 50 experts and another 50 are about to complete their Placement Training, which proves that something unusual is going to change the whole digital marketing industry.

Also, if we talk about her stuff, then she loves to spend time with her parents. She also supports them in their day to day working and business activities.

Being crazy about exploring,

She used to plan trips every month to some nearby floral and watery places and is still stuck to her teenage fantasies of feeling every natural beauty place that exists on earth today.